Welcome to our blog!

Here you will find more information about us, photos, videos and more, so visit it regularly for updates and news.

¡Bienvenidos a nuestro blog!  Aquí encontrarán más información acerca de nosotros, fotos, videos y más, así que visiten la página regularmente para tener información actualizada y noticias.

Cindy & Armando



The invitations have been so far our biggest effort towards the wedding…  They are a lovely design by Armando’s cousin (Jorge) but they required hard work and you will see it when you receive yours.  The invitations were at least 50% hand-made and this includes the removal of the remaining paper from our initials, assembling the invitations, writing the envelopes and sealing them with wax.  But the effort was definitely worth it, we think the invitations look great and will be a nice decoration for your homes to remind you of our wedding date: Friday 12 October 2012.

Invitations to Mexico – Sent

After a lot of work, we finally finished all the invitations and were able to send the last batch -the invitations for Mexico.  We very much look forward to hearing from all of you :D

Invitations to Europe – Sent


Finally we sent the invitations to our guests in Europe and they should receive it within a week, if you already have yours please let us know by leaving a post ;)



Invitations to the world – Sent

Finally we have started sending the invitations to our wedding, the first batch left today to all corners of the world and should be there in less than a week, shortly we’ll be sending the invitations for Europe and last but not least the ones for Mexico.  Looking forward to hearing from you once you have received them!

Hello world!


Welcome to our blog!  We’ll be posting information about us, photos and more!  Feel free to browse through our blog and leave us a comment or two :)